In an episode of The Black Goat Podcast, personality psychologist Simine Vazire suggested that we like personality tests because we hope that they will reveal previously unknown information about ourselves — so self-discovery is still a massive element of this. …

I could undoubtedly guarantee that is the Virgo in me; however, I will be straightforward; I do cherish a decent character type test.

I accept that originates from this thought that I need to comprehend my character and hack myself into improving personally. Much the same as I would check…

There are many ways to measure personality, but psychologists have mostly given up on trying to divide humanity neatly into types. Instead, they focus on personality traits.

The most widely accepted of these traits are the Big Five:

Conveniently, you can remember these traits with the handy OCEAN mnemonic (or, if you prefer, CANOE works, too).


Hellow I aiydaehikoa

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