!!! dependent on your partner’s mood on whatever dynamics

In an episode of The Black Goat Podcast, personality psychologist Simine Vazire suggested that we like personality tests because we hope that they will reveal previously unknown information about ourselves — so self-discovery is still a massive element of this.
I personally got hooked on learning about different personality types to gain a better understanding of myself and also my friends and family and learn how we could all best interact again, blaming my strong Virgo traits.

The Outlook software on my Samsung S7 Edge smartphone started accepting new emails from my Hotmail account a couple of days ago. Two other accounts kept working normally. Some attempts via ‘contact help’ to fix the problem did not work, and actually made the problem worse because all my old emails along with my calendar vanished. This issue was only with the mobile app; on my PC or through a phone browser, emails and calendar were perfect. I deleted and reinstalled the program, but all I see now is “Download your messages” This could take a couple of moments … But over 24 hours have passed!

With the outlook app enabled, I also have a newer Samsung phone. The notifications are still updated, and I can see the calendar as well. I wonder if this version has anything to do with that. The tablet is version 4.2039.3 (42039818), while version 4.2039.4 (42039820) is available for the phone. Might an upgrade bug be the reason for the issue? https://www.reddit.com/r/khabibvsgaetheLive/

“Anxious,” he said quickly. “I dread going inside, I never know what I’m going to get. Lately, it’s never good.”
I’ve asked the “front door” question of a lot of people, especially when they’re in conflictual relationships which are beginning to affect their mental health.
Obviously this is not a diagnostic measure of relationship health — but it’s a reliable indicator of your daily state of mind in relation to your partner. [Note: this is a general test — not one to run only after you’ve had a fight!]
Is Your Relationship Healthy: A 5-Step Psychological Test
You’re done with work for the day and approaching home. (If you’re at home during the day you’ll have to do this metaphorically). Assume whoever you share the place with (your partner/kids/others) is inside. Ask yourself the following questions:
1. Scan your body.
Do you feel calm and pleased to be home? Happy to see your partner/the kids? Or only the kids? Do you feel tense and jumpy? Do you fear what will greet you?
Signs of anxiety or low mood will often show up physiologically as you enter a stressful environment. So scan your body and take a read on what’s going on. Better still, name the feeling: that will make it real.
2. Monitor how long the feeling lasts.
Just a few moments? All evening until you’re in bed? Is the way you feel entirely dependent on your partner’s mood on whatever dynamics have been going on before you arrived? Have you begun to shape your behaviour to deal with the domestic mood? Is this in a good way?
3. What’s the vibe of your evenings?
Let’s say there’s just the two of you. Is the atmosphere light, enjoyable? Are you able to have fun together or sit in compatible silence (not just on your devices)? Do you LIKE being there (or are there other people who energise you more?) Can you get through the whole evening without bickering?
4. What’s one thing that would improve things?
Even if your relationship is okay it’s good to keep an eye on how to make it better. Could you quit checking emails? Turn off your phones at an agreed time? Agree on a movie to watch together? Not fall asleep with your mouth open after too many glasses of wine?
If things are a little rocky, is it possible to change that? For example, if your step-parenting is the main source of conflict, talk with your partner about what’s going on and how it could be better.

Hellow I aiydaehikoa

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